Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Metropol Parasol

A visit to Jurgen Mayer's office in Charlottenberg. Marcus Blum (wonderful host- I like people who skip and run instead of walk and who just happen to speak 5 languages) is part of the design team of the Seville project.
"The Metropol Parasol scheme with its large mushroom like structures offers an archeological site, a farmers market, an elevated plaza, multiple bars and restaurants underneath and inside the parasols, as well as a panorama terrace on the very top of the parasols". Completion date: end of the year.


Berlin's local parks have benches close together to encourage chatting to your neighbour. They also have graffiti amongst the flowerbeds. I spoke with a 'euro' accent for an entire weekend with D's friends and family. I don't speak German so not sure why I felt the need to speak English with a German accent!

Friday, 27 August 2010


Berlin weekend with David. He is going for a family reunion. I'm going to locate the vending machine that sells German designed travel necessities and gifts. Who wouldn't want to purchase a pepper mill at a station?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

St John Hotel

St John Restaurant are going beyond nose to tail and opening a 15 room hotel next month.
Bone marrow for breakfast?
The Leicester Square Hotel will opens it's doors in October.

Olivia & Alison

Olivia & Alison trained together on Electric Lane. They proceeded with their own photographic projects capturing weddings, girl footballers and the Saharawis of Western Sahara. Who would have thought 5 years and high profile clients later, their styles would fuse to create a beautiful alchemy of images, from the kitsch to the sublime. Looking forward to their forthcoming contributions to editorials.

Junkyard theatre

The Jellyfish Theatre, made from recycled doors and timber pallets, opens this evening with a production entitled Oikos (pronounced Ee-kos). The Southwark theatre in a playground is a ten minute stroll from The Globe.

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

South London Gallery

South London Gallery's recently completed extension, designed by 6a architects, includes a golden cafe. When we were 8, it was all about going to the museum shop to purchase a pocket money pencil and rubber, now it's all about cake before exhibition. Priorities.

Lexi Cinema

The Lexi Cinema in Kensal Rise is a social enterprise filmhouse; all profits are sent to South Africa to support community action.
Outdoor September screenings are planned in NW6 and NW10 so gather the picnic blankets and the wellies. Casablanca or Raiders of the Lost Ark?
"Now Ingrid Bergman, she is low maintenance".

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Stop Talking!

I tend to talk a lot. This usually happens when I'm happy and sitting with good friends and feel there is too much to say and ask and not enough time. My brother thinks I forget to breathe sometimes mid story and in a older sibling way will kindly remind me to take a breath.

You can choose the time to distribute these not so subtle cards!

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Leaving London

for a little while. Taking Julie Orringer's The Invisible Bridge in the suitcase. After learning How to Breathe Underwater, Julie's departure from short stories has led to a 500 page hefty novel about a Jewish Hungarian in Paris in 1937. What is on your summer reading pile? Answers on a postcard.
(image compilation by a lovely blog)

Paths of Glory

Storms clouds looked ominous as Audrey and I approached Film 4/Somerset House open air film night for a viewing of Kubrick's 1957 war film. Foreboding clouds evolved to a sweap of torrential rain and needless to say, this was not a path of glory. Or an outdoor picnic of hummus and olives.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

cotton, delicates and 40 degrees

One way to make Sunday evening washing a lot more fun. Separate the washing pile on wall pods first.
Design by Helen Steiner via SeeSaw.

Victorian baths

Local leisure centre. Who needs corporate Virgin Active?
My great grandmother used to swim in the Kentish Town Baths. She would be so pleased with the recent refurbishment. Original features of the listed building have been preserved and make you feel decidedly special, mid front crawl. Or grandma breaststroke with your head above water. I need to perfect the butterfly.