Monday, 21 June 2010

Festival Weekend!

Will Alsop painted a window at the Sofitel. A stained glass window effect. A mesmerised audience.

A solar powered lift at the Duke of York Steps promoting access to St James' Park.

"Speaker's Crescent"
Talks on Saturday and Sunday under a brand new Pavillion. Hallie Rubenhold followed Dan Cruickshank and spoke about Covent Garden Ladies in Georgian London. RIBA London and the British Council hosted a programme of international architects on Sunday.

An exhibition on architect John Nash's original grand masterplan, current plans for the West End and community proposals along the Broad Walk in Regent's Park. I love that people are actually stopping to read this outdoor display.
We matched some shopkeepers on Regent's Street with emerging architects to create some fantastic window displays at Cos, Anthropologie, Banana Republic and Austin Reed.

Cos by Spacelab.
*(Tired. I. Am. All RIBA London folk are having an epically slow day today).
**(thank you Mum, Dad, David, Tash & David, Katy and Ed for coming by. Loved sharing it with you!).

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