Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Laundrette Project + Event

Laundrettes always seem to be the last shop on the high street to be spruced up, even when situated on a 'regenerated' street that has recently turned a local sandwich shop into a EAT/Costa/Pret.

I am compiling photographs of laundrettes that have a faded glory to them. Just in case they start to get fancy.

Celebrating 100 years of Tel Aviv, the JCC are to host White Nights in West Hampstead on Saturday 27 June. Bars, bookshops and laundrettes will host gigs and performances until the wee hours to create a "city that never sleeps" feel.

They have a fun programme this season.

Including a "Make your own Hummus" event which I might have to drag my sister-in-law to.

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