Sunday, 7 June 2009

Mushy (chick) peas

Sara and I entered a hummus competition. Sister-in laws at the ready with chickpeas, tahini and a masher. I need to tell you from the onset that the winning entry (based on texture, taste, presentation) is going to be sold at Hummus Bros cafes this week. Stakes were high.

The mushy (chick) peas duo lost in spectacular style having to resort to offering our teeny-tiny tapas sized 'test' version after a fiasco with the big batch.

Um. We also cornered one of the Hummus brother's to let him know that we thought that our version hadn't been tasted by the judges (his other brother and his 'put more salt in it' mother) by mistake. This is the opposite of losing gracefully. They had indeed tasted it. Our mistake was too much water (Drats).


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