Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Time Out curators

I haven't read Time Out for a while. It used to arrive at my door and since I stopped the £2.99 weekly expenditure that served only to remind myself of what I could be but was not quite getting around to doing in London, I have started leafing through back issues.

But today I discovered that Time Out are curating a season entitled A Festival of Mirrors at Royal Opera House this September. And from first glance their programming is excellent. Timely, inclusive and exciting.

The season is set to include the usual programming suspects; site specific theatre, cabaret, dance and a little bit of magic.

There will be reminders from me. The weekend includes cabaret wonder-kids Bourgeois & Maurice so there will be reminders.

p.s I feel less geeky about my wish-moment to go to Kew as mentioned a few blog posts ago ( This week's Time Out headline confirms that yes, this summer, "It's all about Kew').

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