Monday, 29 March 2010

Cake and tea and the book

300 people gathered in Ibberton's village hall, Dorset to purchase their hardback signed editions of Mr Rosenblum's list. Mid mouthful of scones, knowing looks were shared amongst locals as they listened to Natasha read an excerpt that transported them to the story of Jack and Sadie set in the 1950s.

I took my position as a 1950s tea lady and proud friend serving the sticky sweet jam scones. I'm never impressed when people ask for half a scone. Or just a sliver of cake while we are on the subject. I told them to eat the whole thing.

Come to Daunt books, South End Road, NW3 on 14th April at 6.30pm for the London meet the author event. No tea this time. A glass of white or red. See you there.
*gorgeous 1950s design details this weekend. Union Jack bunting, wild flowers, ordnance survey maps and of course Mr Rosenblum's Jaguar.

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