Wednesday, 3 March 2010


Natasha Solomons spoke at Jewish Book Week about her debut novel Mr Rosenblum's List. Themes of immigration, assimilation, cooking your way back home and Dorset's jitterbug cider. Jewish Book Week don't typically preview books and invite authors before UK publication. However, Geraldine D'Amico, Director of Book Week presented the novel as her gift to all of us. She also added that on it's first day in Australian bookshops, Rosenblum outsold Ian McEwan's latest (insert: woop!)

Purchase your copy at Blackwells' outlet at Jewish Book Week before Rosenblum is available at all bookshops from April Fools Day.
(n.b Note how Rosenblum is located on a shelf between Arthur Miller and Voodoo Histories)

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