Thursday, 14 October 2010

St John Hotel

When I was 18, I suggested to a few friends that we become London tourists for a couple of days for a grand tour of everything touristy. All the places that you never go to because you live here. Take a look at the Crown Jewels and stay at a hostel clutching a Baedeker. I would make a slight amend aged nearly 30 to the hotel venue. St John Hotel opens on December 1st on the former site of Manzi's, a fish restaurant (with red checkered tablecloths)that my grandparents preferred when in town. The hotel invites you to Elevenses and an afternoon Little Bun Moment. I already love the sensibility of the place:

The rooms at the St John Hotel are designed to have everything the traveller needs and nothing that they do not.
There is no ‘hotel-confusion’ here. The lights switch on and off, the taps go from hot to cold and there’s more than a touch of glamour

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