Thursday, 24 February 2011

Big news!

David and I got engaged last Saturday!

This is how it happened.

I met David at the French Institute where he is doing an Advanced French Business course (for fun, crazy man!) and we looked around the library. David's idea of romance is anything French and mine in sitting in a library. We then became flaneurs, stumbling around a South Kensington food market and gorgeous bookshops. During a crab salad at Bibendum cafe, David and I talked and talked and I found myself feeling like the luckiest lady and so privileged that I even know him. We made our way to a misty Regent's Park and talked about his work at the BBC and ideas for gaming online (?!) before we came across an enclosed Japanese garden, near the rose garden in the inner circle. I didn't want to sit down on a damp bench post the morning downpour but David had come prepared with a tea towel for me to perch on (he had been paying hourly attention to the weather forecast). He then rifled through his bag and gave me a crumpled city map, a genius invention. He then rifled in his bag a second time but this time presented me with a small box. He asked me to marry him in such a heartfelt and open way and everytime I think about it my heart soars. David, I am indeed your Sally Albright. And I am so excited for all our days to come.

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  1. Congratulations Rachel! What lovely news.