Friday, 11 February 2011

A pre-Valentine's stew?

Le Creuset Cerise Cast Iron Heart Dish. Undeniably sappy but seeing as one of my favourite things to do is to cook with David*, I had to post.
*David tends to do the actually cooking. I typically take on the sous chef role, hovering and tasting and making extremely "constructive" comments e.g I think it's ready.


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  2. Hey Rach,

    Have I ever mentioned how much I like Unopened Envelopes? I love all the things you post up - but then hardly surprising as I love you too! Must catch up soon...

    Anyway, because you are so great I've nominated you for a 'Stylish Blog' award - basically it's just bloggers promoting each other but feel free to come look at it and comment/ whatever... :-)