Monday, 30 May 2011

Phewf! Hello again

So it's just about June and the last time I was here it was April. It's been so long we might need to invent a word. Phewf it is. Let me update you a little. In the last few weeks I've been working on:
Southbank Centre's Festival of Britain 60th Anniversary for the Black Country Atelier
Writing articles for Phaidon and Urban Junkies

I've been enjoying:
Cycling in Copenhagen and going to an art gallery by the sea
Listening to a John Cage concert at the Southbank Centre
Eating artichokes at St John
Reading John Berger's new book
Introducing David's whole family to my whole family. Thank you Hendon bagels for the rugelach. Rugelach brings families together.

And I turned 30! The day brought a big surprise. More about this in a short while.

Hope you have been well. Tell me all..

(image via The Ceder Room)

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